Ultimate PedalCell Bundle

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Be a PedalCell pro. This bundle includes everything you need to take full advantage of PedalCell including:

- All items in the PedalCell box

-  1X Extra USB C to A adapter

- .5ft USB C to Lightning cable

- .5ft USB C to C cable

- .5ft USB C to Micro USB cable

- Bicycle Phone Mount

- Security Kit

- 4X Extra O-Rings

The ultimate bicycle power source is here. PedalCell charges your essential devices to keep you safe and connected while riding.

Lights, smartphones, GPS navigators and pretty much any USB-enabled device are compatible with PedalCell. PedalCell utilizes two USB Type-C ports to deliver fast charging speeds in a compact package. PedalCell is validated as the most powerful and efficient bicycle power source as of November 2020.

PedalCell mounts on your bicycle in minutes. Its Smart Power Hub simply attaches to your stem cap while the Generator mounts on the front fork with precise fitment thanks to the included mounting spacers. 


PedalCell comes with a limited 2-Year Warranty 

PedalCell Specifications:

Generator: 15-20 watts, can be decoupled when not in-use

Smart Power Hub:

         - Patented CadenceX Technology

         - 1X prioritized safety USB-C (600mA, 5V)

         - 1X high-power device USB-C (2.4A, 5V)

Drag: Adaptive Based on Speed

Weight: ~1 lb

Enclosure: Weather-resistant 30% Fiberglass Nylon and Aluminum Casing

Compatibility:  Fits circular or oval forks with diameters smaller than or equal to a 1" X 2" oval (Not recommended with Complex Suspensions, Aero/competition frames, or Carbon rims. Visit pedalcell.com/install for more info)

Consumables: Recommended O-Ring Replacement every 2-3K miles (sold on store) 

 What's included in the box:

         - 1X PedalCell Generator

         - 1X PedalCell Smart Power Hub

         - 1X 1M Cable

         - 1X USB C to A Adapter

         - 1X right-angle USB C to Lightning cable, .5ft

         - 1X right-angle USB C to C cable, .5ft

         - 1X right-angle USB C to Micro cable, .5ft

         - 3X M5 Fasteners pre-installed (20mm, 30mm, and 40mm)

         - 1X 4mm Hex Key

         - 2X Rubber Mounting Spacers

         - 3X Security Bolts (2X for Clamp, 1X for Angle Adjust)

         - 1X T25 T-Handle

         - 2X Rubber Mounting Spacers

         - 4X Extra O-Rings

         - 1X Handlebar Phone Mount


Cable Specifications (for all three included cables):*

- Length: .5ft

Plug Type: Right-angle

Material: Anti-UV TPE with Dust and Splash resistance

- Color: Black

- Transmission: Apple MFi (Lightning only), USB PD (Lightning, C-C only), Data, rated for 3A each.

* These cables are not weather-proof certified. Use best judgment in inclimate conditions.

**Due to fragmented charging standards, these cables may not provide the fastest current with some devices (our team has seen performance drops on OnePlus phones). For best charging performance, use the USB cable provided with your device.


Mount Specifications:

- Color: Black

- Material: Nylon plastic.

- Compatibility: Smartphones 3.5 inch to 7 inches, with or without a case 

- Weight: 125g