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The dynamo of the future has arrived. CadenceX is the first bicycle power source that provides stable and consistent electricity to your devices on your bike.

Lights, smartphones, GPS navigators and pretty much any USB-enabled device are compatible with CadenceX. CadenceX utilizes two USB Type-C ports to deliver fast charging speeds in a compact package.

CadenceX mounts on your bicycle in minutes. The Smart Power Hub simply attaches to your stem cap while the Generator mounts on the front fork with precise fitment thanks to the included mounting spacers.

All products come with a 90-Day Warranty


Generator: 15-20 watts, can be decoupled when not in-use

Smart Power Hub Ports:

         - 1X prioritized safety USB-C (600mA, 5V)

         - 1X high-power device USB-C (2.4A, 5V)

Drag: Adaptive Based on Speed

Weight: ~350g

Enclosure: Weather-resistant Polycarbonate/ABS Plastic Casing

Compatibility:  Fits circular or oval forks with diameters smaller than or equal to a 1" X 2" oval

Consumables: Recommended O-Ring Replacement every 2,000 miles (sold on store)


What's included:

         - 1X CadenceX Generator

         - 1X CadenceX Smart Power Hub

         - 1X USB C to A Adapter

         - 1X 4mm Hex Screw and Key

         - 2X Rubber Mounting Spacers